About Us

Ray White Enterprises, LLC are small business accounting specialists. We can help you choose the right accounting software package for your company. Our focus is on the customer's needs We design charts of accounts, customize forms, provide training, do software installation, etc. We even provide Excel & Crystal reports that your software does not provide. Ray has been working with accounting software since 1977.

Other Services

We provide Bookkeeping Services, Income Tax Preparation for Individuals, Sole Proprietors/LLC, and Partnerships. We are QuickBooks POS certified since V2.0 and Enterprise Certified since v7. We also support Quicken. We support both QuickBooks & Quicken on the MAC as well. In the coming year we will be offering remote services to our clients and FTP services.


I am an adjunct professor at Bloomfield College where I teach Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, Systems Analysis and COBOL when required. Before I taught at Bloomfield College I was teaching at Felician College. There, I've taught COBOL, PC Macro Assembler, Pascal, Systems Analysis & Design. I have been teaching college part time since 1992.

I am an active member of the Little Falls Business Association of which I was president from 1995 – 2006. I am also an active member of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce.

I have a MBA in Finance, BS in Accounting and an AA in Computer Science.

Some of my hobbies are playing chess, poker and even work. I love what I'm doing. Presently, the word retire isn't in my vocabulary. If I had to pick a place to retire it would be the shore, on a beach. So I can, "Watch the ships roll in and watch them roll away again" also, "Watching the tide roll away", Otis Redding.

Past Experience

I worked for a food store warehouse, boot manufacturer, paper manufacturer, pipe values & fittings distributor, watch maker and a payroll company. I worked as an accountant in private industry for 8 years before making the switch into the computer field. Where I designed systems, wrote program specifications & trained users on both mainframe and mid-range computers. My first experience with the PC world was in 1988. In 1992 was my first QuickBooks installation. It was version 1.8 of DOS with QuickPay.

I service a wide variety of clients from the 1 person shop to 300 person office. Some of my clients include doctors, dentists, manufacturers, hardware stores, lawyers, web designer, graphic designers, contractors, landscapers etc.

Biggest Challenge

Keeping up with the technology changes and the client needs are my biggest challenges. I subscribe to a variety of computer magazines and tax newsletters to stay current. As far as the clients are concerned, I am constantly reviewing services that are provided and adding new ones. I had a couple of clients that required specific reports that the accounting package was not providing. So I started to write Excel & Crystal reports to support their requirements.

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