Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company only support PC applications or do you support MAC as well?

We do not support just PC applications. We are supporting, training, maintaining AccountEdge, AccountEdge Network Edition, QuickBooks & Quicken for the MAC.

How far will you travel?

I'll travel all the way to Hawaii.

Do you charge for travel?

For 1 hour and under we do not charge for travel.

Do you charge by the hour, day or project?

We charge by the hour. The rate will vary based on the Accounting software.

What is you minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is generally 1 hour but that will vary based on the distance traveled.

Do you support older versions?

Yes, we do but recommend that you upgrade to the latest version for vendor support reasons.

Do you work nights & weekends?

We do work nights on Mondays – Fridays. We also work on Saturday but not Saturday night or Sunday.

Do you charge extra of evenings or Saturdays?

No we don't.